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Hospitals and Health Systems Incentivizing Primary Care and Advanced Practice Providers to Enable Better Care at Lower Costs

2018 Physician Compensation Survey Trends Web

According to ECG’s 2019 Physician Compensation Survey, compensation for primary care providers (PCPs) collectively increased by 3.4%. This increase is a sign of the value hospitals and health systems are placing on the role of PCPs as fundamental enablers of population health—an important mechanism in the relentless quest to provide care to more patients, with fewer resources and lower costs. To that end, healthcare organizations are also employing more advanced practice providers (APPs), thereby increasing care capacity and mitigating a shortage of physicians.

“APPs have become a very important cohort of providers at health systems across the country, but organizations are struggling to determine the most efficient and effective way to utilize them within current care models and compensation structures. As regulations change and APP compensation plans introduce more variability, access to reliable and quality APP compensation and production market data has become critical to medical group performance,” remarked Josh Halverson, ECG Principal and Provider Financial Services practice leader. “The APP data in ECG’s survey is the best, most refined market compensation data in the industry which supports healthcare leaders as they as they look to optimize their medical group performance.”

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