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Learn about ECG’s Participation in the MassHealth DSRIP TA Marketplace in the Consumer Engagement Domain

Mass Health Dsrip Consumer Engagement Web

The ECG team is a preferred vendor for the MassHealth DSRIP Technical Assistance (TA) Marketplace. As part of our participation, we have been selected to help with the following seven TA Domains:

  • Actuarial and Financial
  • Care Coordination/Integration
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Health Information Technology/Health Information Exchange
  • Performance Improvement
  • Population Health Management
  • Workforce

MassHealth explains, “TA Domains reflect the areas of TA that MassHealth ACOs and CPs identified as TA priority areas during their first year of implementation.” In this blog post, we describe Consumer Engagement.

Consumer Engagement

Improving how consumers engage in their healthcare is critical to MassHealth’s mission. MassHealth’s TA funding seeks to address consumer engagement through staff training on how to serve patients of different cultural backgrounds and increase patient activation. The funding also is intended to improve the effectiveness of patient/family advisory boards and mechanisms like focus groups to enhance services to marginalized patients, such as those with disabilities. Finally, another goal of MassHealth’s TA funding is to support opportunities to utilize technology to improve consumer engagement.

Shifting the culture of a health system to engage consumers in intuitive ways is important not only for improving today’s patient experience, but also preparing for the future. Patient centricity will be a key differentiator that must be focused on now.ECG has worked with a variety of health systems to enhance their call centers, patient portal experience, scheduling practices, and telehealth offerings. Whether you are using technology to improve patient engagement and access or increasing your staff’s ability to provide effective care, we would be glad to help you create a vision for how your TA funds can be used.

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Learn more about ECG’s participation in the Consumer Engagement Domain and the MassHealth program on the MassHealth DSRIP TA Marketplace website.

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