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Optimizing Operations: Using Technology as the Springboard for Change

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Physicians working late to complete paperwork. Administrative staff juggling charge lag and outstanding accounts receivable. Patients frustrated by wait time for appointments and slow access to information, staff, and physicians. Don’t see the relation?

While it is easy to consider these problems disparate, they are connected by the technology used within a medical group. Using technology as a catalyst, physician practices can engage in transformational change for enterprise-wide improvements.

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Integrated Strategy: More Than a Technology Change

ECG recently partnered with Adventist Health System (AHS), headquartered in Florida, and athenahealth to assist with implementation of athenahealth’s ambulatory platform and services. This opportunity was about more than a technology replacement. It was about capitalizing on an opportunity to transform the operations within its physician enterprise.

Improving Operations Through Unified Communications

AHS had grown regionally, with different technologies and work flows present; variability was the standard across the medical groups. As a part of its ambulatory EHR technology change, it rallied around a new communication strategy built from the key message to “simplify, standardize, and optimization” the physician enterprise. This focus allowed AHS to cascade critical communications internally and establish best practice work flows across regions.

Implementation and Integration

Utilizing its intentional communication and engagement strategy, AHS managed the technology and process implementation and related change, moving from discussions to initial deployment in under 5 months.

A Vision for the Future

With its consistent operations and new technology platform and partner, AHS achieved a common performance language to enable ongoing improvement, “Our vision in the Physician Enterprise is to be top quartile in all areas. This was the springboard to make that happen.”

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