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WebinarWebinar Activation And Transition Planning 10 18 19 Web


An Introduction to Healthcare Facility Activation and Transition Planning

Activation and transition planning is one of the most important and exciting phases of the facility development process. It is the time when the idea of a new facility starts to become tangible. This webinar focuses on the keys to success and highlights lessons ECG has learned over many years leading healthcare facility activations.

WebinarAddressing Organizational Imperatives With A Comprehensive Digital Health Strategy Website


Addressing Organizational Imperatives with a Comprehensive Digital Health Strategy

Breakthroughs in technology allow healthcare providers to be more accessible to and engaged with their patients than ever before. This recorded webinar showcased Cone Health’s journey toward developing and executing an overarching digital health roadmap, key considerations, the value-proposition, and outcomes to date.

WebinarRisk Based Physician Compensation Web


Risk-Based Physician Compensation: A Better Way to Measure Success

Organizations have evolved to accept a growing number of value-based and global-risk contracts. Across the industry, building compensation models to incentivize physicians is challenging. Further, benchmarks to evaluate physician compensation under risk-based models are lacking, making it difficult to obtain a fair market value (FMV) opinion.