Speech How Can Your Organization Adopt a Connected Telehealth Model?

How Can Your Organization Adopt a Connected Telehealth Model?

In recent years, various forms of telehealth have emerged, with the goal of providing patients with flexible, timely, and effective care. Although the adoption of this new delivery model has been gradual, organizations are beginning to efficiently plan and implement their strategic visions for telehealth. For many healthcare entities, developing an innovative telehealth strategy is uncharted territory full of new system governance considerations, policy roadblocks, technical challenges, and provider and patient buy-in efforts. This presentation will review the outcomes of ECG Management Consultants and Cone Health’s successful navigation of these challenges and implementation of two major telehealth offerings: asynchronous e-Visits and live video/phone visits.

Session Objectives:

  • Describe the necessary steps in planning and deploying a telehealth program.
  • Discuss how different use cases and telehealth offerings interact with and impact each other.
  • Explain the specific tactics to building a use case for telehealth with patients and providers at your organization.