Speech The Path Beyond EHR Implementation: Strategies for Success

The Path Beyond EHR Implementation: Strategies for Success

ECG chief operating officer Michelle Holmes is on a panel addressing the path beyond electronic health record (EHR) implementation.

Interest in EHR systems has gained momentum over the last decade. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided incentives and penalties to individuals and organizations that implemented EHRs. Still, development of an EHR adoption and optimization strategy is crucial to the success of healthcare organizations today. The effective use of EHRs is essential to achieve advances in healthcare quality and to improve patient safety. The challenges of adopting or optimizing an EHR system include insufficient financial resources, lack of buy-in from physicians, and lack of planning for dynamic optimization. What opportunities do hospitals, providers, and ACOs have as they clear the path to move from fee-for-service to a value-based system? Executives are now looking for their ROI and how to glean actionable insights from their data.

This panel discusses strategies healthcare executives need to address for the selection, planning, and implementation of an EHR system, as well as considerations for optimizing existing systems or choosing to “rip and replace.” Learn how to garner C-suite involvement and physician buy-in for going beyond a successful implementation and onto optimization. Determine whether peer organizations are realizing any return on their investment since implementation. Gain insight into how progressive leaders are taking charge of their big and small data to move the needle on patient outcomes, financials, and quality metrics.

Discussion Panel

Michelle Holmes, COO
ECG Management Consultants

Kimley Mitchell-El, COO (MODERATOR)
Advance IT Solutions

Summerpal Kahlon, MD, CIO
Steward Health Care Network

Novlet Mattis, CIO
Orlando Health