Speech Always Open: How to Offer Same-Day Appointments

Always Open: How to Offer Same-Day Appointments

ECG principal Malita Scott is presenting on how to offer same-day appointments.

A provider’s schedule is the figurative “front door” to a practice, and a closed schedule represents a closed door. Improving patient access has a host of benefits for both patients and providers. This session will explore a combination of strategies that may be combined to improve access to an oncology clinic, especially for new patients. The session will provide practical guidance for determining which strategies will be most effective in a variety of situations and will provide tools to aid in the implementation of various strategies.

Key takeaways from this session will include the following:

  • How should patient access be tracked and reported?
  • What are the most effective strategies to improve patient access to a clinic?
  • How can a clinic support greater levels of patient demand over the long term?

ECG is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of the Association of Cancer Executives 2020 Annual Meeting.