Speech Optimizing Ambulatory Strategy in a Consumer—and Payer—Driven Environment

Optimizing Ambulatory Strategy in a Consumer—and Payer—Driven Environment

The highest-performing health systems of the future will be ones that have both a strong ambulatory network and strong inpatient programs to serve their populations. Their ambulatory network will be centered on a strong “brand” differentiated by level of service needed around speed, convenience, price, and efficiency. To be successful health systems must have an extensive, convenient ambulatory network of physicians and diagnostic/treatment facilities (e.g., oncology, imaging, ASCs) throughout its region. The ambulatory care network is a critical entry portal across the healthcare continuum. Learn about building out an ambulatory strategy to make your health system the indispensable provider.

Surgery migration to the outpatient ASC setting is one of the biggest areas of opportunity to offer convenience, price, and efficiency in the ambulatory network; at the same time, it presents health systems with the material risk for revenue losses. Learn about the driving forces in the current environment, the tipping points of surgery migration, and what you need to know about optimizing opportunities with ASCs as part of building an ambulatory care strategy.