Webinar Core Capabilities to Thrive in the Times Ahead

Core Capabilities to Thrive in the Times Ahead

Webinar hosted by HFMA Region 6: A Tactical Lunch - n - Learn Session

Legislation, policy, economics, and budget reductions have created a sense of urgency for change among healthcare providers across the nation. New initiatives, partnerships, and reimbursement models have been designed and piloted throughout the U.S. at a rapid pace in the past 2 years. This is a time of both great change and great uncertainty, which begs the question: What should we be doing? This webinar introduces a set of core capabilities that each healthcare institution should develop to position itself to thrive in the evolving healthcare market. These core capabilities include integrated governance, patient-centered care delivery, care coordination and management, and informatics and reporting. The presentation concludes with a look at U.S. markets that have advanced the implementation of new models of care delivery and reimbursement.