Webinar Trends in Physician Compensation Planning

Trends in Physician Compensation Planning

ECG’s team of experts review the findings of our 18th annual Physician Compensation Survey. The session includes analysis of important physician and advanced practice provider performance trends from the 2017 survey. A particular focus is on market trends related to value-based provider compensation planning and how those plans integrate with overall organization strategies. As healthcare reimbursement transitions from volume to value, it is essential that physician compensation plans also evolve to ensure organizational success under changing financial incentives.

ECG’s survey focuses on provider performance trends, including compensation, production, and benefits by specialty, compensation plan design and metrics, recruiting efforts and signing bonuses, CPT code physician profiling, and many other key performance metrics. The 2017 ECG surveys included data from 151 physician specialties and 20 advanced practice provider specialties from 165 physician organizations, representing over 41,000 clinicians. Together, this data contributed to produce our most comprehensive reports to date.