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Coping With The Pain Web
January 14, 2022
Coping with the “Pain” of Paying Anesthesia Stipends

Anesthesiologists are like a hospital's plumbing or electricity: there when you need them, usually requiring little maintenance, but having dire consequences should they suddenly become unavailable. ...

Getting Paid Web
December 8, 2021
Paying Providers Correctly and On Time: Yes, It Can Be Done

The mechanics behind paying healthcare providers are unique and nuanced; the process can quickly become complex and overwhelming for administrators. In this article, we examine six core compensation domains where ...

Clinical Integration In The Era Of Virtual Care Web
November 24, 2021
Clinical Integration in the Era of Virtual Care

Patients, payers, and providers alike see value in telehealth solutions. What should the integration strategy look like for health systems?


Upside Down Blog Web
January 18, 2022 Healthcare Upside/Down: Disrupting the Pharmacy Supply Chain By Nick van Terheyden, MD
Upside Down Blog Web
January 10, 2022 Healthcare Upside/Down: No More Carrots By Nick van Terheyden, MD
Changes To The 2022 Mpfs Final Rule Web
January 5, 2022 Changes to the 2022 MPFS Final Rule By Aurora Young, Amy Strauss, Alex Denning

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