Faculty Physician and APP Compensation Survey

There is no more rigorous or accurate benchmarking resource for academic provider compensation planning.

Our faculty survey offers market-specific compensation, production, and benefits information from over 28,000 faculty practicing within 49 academic organizations. Our Faculty Physician and APP Compensation Survey specifically addresses the data needs of our academic partners in order to provide accurate and reliable information to help balance the complexities of the tripartite mission of academic medical centers and schools of medicine.

By participating in ECG’s Faculty Physician and APP compensation survey, your organization receives access to:

  • Detailed compensation and production metrics by specialty and academic rank
  • Detailed analysis of market trends and opportunities, including analysis of important compensation, benefits, and performance measures
  • Summary graphs, charts, and detailed appendices of relevant compensation and production statistics for each provider subspecialty
  • Exclusive access to ECGVault’s (www.ECGVault.com) Dynamic Reports, our business intelligence center that contains current and historical survey benchmarks at the market, organization, and provider level
  • CPT code profiling by specialty (CPT code profile survey membership required)
  • Additional metrics and key medical group operating statistics

*This survey closes on April 1, 2022.

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2022 Faculty Physician and APP Compensation Survey

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