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David Nienhueser

Senior Manager


Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Texas A&M University. Bachelor of Environmental Design
    Business Associate Certificate

My goal is to find that outside perspective that no one else sees, to share that vision with the team, all the while constantly striving for that “AHA!” moment. Both in the professional world and in my personal life, I’ve learned to always be prepared and to look before leaping. Both very helpful when you want to visualize where the journey is taking you.

Having focused on healthcare facility planning and programming for more than 20 years, David brings a wealth of experience to ECG’s Facility and Capital Assets team. He approaches design projects with the philosophy of utilizing existing assets before building new ones, and encourages organizational leadership to build with the future in mind. David’s clients appreciate his ability to produce realistic scenarios with attributable cost ranges to allow them to quickly narrow their focus on the most financially feasible projects.

David has worked with hospitals to create master facility plans, site development plans, functional and space programs, and room-by-room layouts. More recently, his focus has been on clinical capacity analyses, building condition/useful life reviews, service alignment and redistribution, and operations planning. David has been actively involved in the planning of more than $15 billion in potential projects and has seen the opening of four planned replacement hospitals operating today.