Emily Lopez

Senior Manager

Washington D.C.

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Emory University Master of Business Administration

ECG is a special place to work. It’s hard to find a place where you are surrounded by bright colleagues, taking on new and different challenges every day, all with the shared goal of improving healthcare in the United States. You find all of that and more at ECG.

Since starting with ECG in 2010, Emily has developed a track record of combining her strategic and financial planning expertise to assist clients in executing organizational priorities for physician and hospital alignment. She is passionate about helping organizations identify financial and strategic value in the changing healthcare market through detailed analysis and clear communication of complex issues.

At ECG, Emily has assisted several hospitals in developing models for affiliation with physician groups ranging in size from 1 to 50 providers and focusing on specialties such as oncology, cardiology, primary care, and orthopedic surgery. She helps organizations determine the feasibility of alignment through detailed financial modeling and evaluation of strategic fit, which has resulted in the successful close of nearly 30 affiliation agreements. She has also applied her expertise to engagements for ECG’s bundled payments practice, assisting clients with preparation for and assessment of the financial impact of bundled payment initiatives and models. Previously, as an analytic consultant in the Healthcare business at Thomson Reuters, Emily worked alongside Georgia Department of Community Health to understand its members’ utilization and financial metrics to provide them the most cost-effective and high-quality care.