Tessa Kerby

Senior Manager


Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • University of Minnesota Master of Business Administration
    Master of Public Health in Epidemiology
    Certificate in Medical Industry Leadership
  • Carleton College Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations

Judiciously applied data has the power to transform care for patients, and improve the health of our communities. I once had the honor of working with a truly innovative leader, who held providers in her system to high standards for patient outcomes. Her reasoning was higher standards both improve care and have a spillover effect; by holding our providers to a higher level we’ll improve our patients outcomes, which will raise the bar for our community, which will raise the bar for our region, which will raise the bar for the nation. Local changes can have big national effects — identifying opportunities for change, developing solutions, and then sharing the improvements widely creates better health, better patient experiences, and lower healthcare costs.

Tessa is an innovative healthcare professional with a diverse base of experience and a proven track record of getting results. She is passionate about healthcare, analytics, quality improvement, and optimizing effective and efficient operations for patient care. Tessa’s clients benefit from her extensive experience with ambulatory and hospital operations, knowledge of insurance financing and administration, and grasp of the healthcare industry’s regulatory environment. Motivated by problem solving through teamwork, Tessa enjoys finding elegant solutions to healthcare’s challenges.

Prior to joining ECG, Tessa worked as a Healthcare Management Consultant at Milliman, Inc, where she conducted operational and staffing benchmarking assessments of health plans, worked with state governments to set Medicaid administrative maximums, and helped health insurance exchanges and cooperatives to streamline their operations to achieve efficiencies. She also spent 8 years working at HealthPartners, a leading integrated care delivery and financing system. As Manager of Measurement and Organizational Improvement, she had responsibility for data analytics and quality measures for an ambulatory system of 1,700 physicians serving 1 million patients. In addition, as an Executive Improvement Project Consultant, Tessa helped to identify weaknesses in care coordination across the system and devised solutions by collaborating with diverse stakeholders and developing new models of care.