Understand your cancer program’s current performance and potential future opportunities specific to your local cancer care market.


With one in two women and one in three men projected to be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, understanding how to best serve cancer patients and optimizing management of the broader oncology service line is critical to the well-being of communities and health systems.

ECG has designed OncoINTEL, an assessment tool that measures your cancer program’s performance and capabilities against the local market. OncoINTEL helps organizations generate and use the detailed analytics that enables health systems to better understand the current state of their service offerings, identify development needs and investment opportunities, and prioritize strategic initiatives.

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How It Works

OncoINTEL uses proprietary modeling to provide your cancer program with a detailed, quantitative analysis to better understand your market and performance within it.

Step 1: Data Collection
Two readily available data sets are emailed to ECG

Step 2: Analysis
ECG’s oncology experts compare your program’s performance against the local market.

Step 3: Reporting
OncoINTEL deliverables identify key strategic opportunities in the local cancer care market over the next five years.

OncoINTEL reporting includes insights based on three core analyses:

Volume Trend Retrospective cancer registry volume and distribution trends by tumor site, histology (tumor type/behavior), and patient origin

Market Sizing Retrospective distribution of new cancer cases in the market and prospective analysis of market growth and future case distribution

Market Share Retrospective capture of new cancer cases by tumor site and geographic unit (by zip code or county level)

Additional reporting details can be added to your reporting package. Ask about pricing.

  • Drive-time mapping
  • Market share by modality (“share of care” analysis)
  • Clinical service volumes
  • Physician demand
  • Growth projections
  • Resources, equipment & facility sizing
  • Financial performance

Depending on your organization’s needs and desired level of detail, ECG offers two OncoINTEL reporting packages.


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