Strategic Facility Master Planning

ECG has a long history of assisting healthcare provider organizations to better understand their environments and to craft the transformational strategies and facilities needed to achieve their missions, visions, and business objectives. With our strategic, facilities, and analytical resources, our team responds to the unique needs of each client through a comprehensive approach and with a focus on the patient and staff experience. We analyze data and cultivate our results to find the interplay between strategy, facilities, and operations, while always considering savings, operational efficiencies, clinical effectiveness, and future growth.

Our focus is on strategic planning for clinical programs, cutting-edge facilities, and operational process redesign:

  • Strategy Services: Choices made early in the planning process help define what hospitals and health systems can achieve and ensure the proper alignment of resources. Our team advises boards, management teams, and medical staff leadership on a full range of strategic issues focusing on growth, service offerings, and enhanced market positioning to set the course for long-term success.
  • Facility and Capital Asset Planning Services: The future healthcare environment will place a very different demand on clinical facilities. ECG professionals utilize multiple proprietary methods, analytics, and software tools to ensure every project optimizes the full range of ambulatory, inpatient, and ancillary support space. We help enable care provision at the right place at the right time and that is aligned with the right physical resources.
  • Operational Planning: Form follows function, and, in every planning engagement, our team of subject matter experts asks how operations can and need to evolve with the changing healthcare landscape. We help develop new and redesigned operational processes that allow healthcare organizations to maximize their full potential and achieve their goals of superior customer service, impeccable quality, improved efficiency, and effective asset utilization.

Our aim is to work closely with our clients to raise critical questions that explore the full range of the vision and possible innovation and, in the end, develop a set of recommendations that can be implemented from both financial and organizational standpoints. We achieve this objective by bringing to each project a combination of rigorous analysis, industry insight, objectivity, and leadership through the strength of our senior staff and their active participation during all stages of each project. This structure makes improvisation possible, which is essential to the achievement of superior results, both immediately and for decades to come.

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