Medical Staff Planning

Medical staff development plans should be the foundation of your clinical integration, alignment, and recruiting strategies. Is your medical staff development plan ready to serve that role?

The escalating physician shortage and the push for clinical integration and closer alignment between hospitals and physicians has made accurate and reliable medical staff development plans more critical for hospitals and systems than ever before. Medical staff development plans can help moderate some of the effects of the physician shortage and other market and regulatory pressures by focusing and prioritizing recruitment initiatives to ensure that community health needs are met and market positioning is strong. Alignment opportunities may also surface when a strategic lens is applied to the medical staff planning process.

ECG, along with our partners from AmeriMed Consulting, have conducted hundreds of medical staff development plans that account for the unique characteristics of hospitals and their service areas and are key elements of strategy execution. Using innovative methodologies, we examine the availability of total physician services in your service area – not just those services provided by your medical staff – to determine staffing needs and market opportunities.

Our qualitative approach goes beyond basic ratios to discover the unique characteristics of your community and physician population. We produce comprehensive and actionable reports that use primary source verified data to ensure that the most accurate and current information is incorporated. Our medical staff development plans not only identify staffing needs, but provide strategic insights related to recruitment, retention, and alignment. Our services can be tailored to include any of the following activities:

● Physician focus interviews
● Medical staff and community surveys
● Patient demographic profiles
● Service area physician inventories
● Benchmark/ratio analysis
● Medical staff and market profiles/analysis
● Alignment opportunity identification
● IRS/HHS/Stark legal compliance
● Retention and succession planning strategies
● Educational programs