The Power of Workforce Planning within a Physician Alignment Strategy

The Power Of Workforce Planning Within A Physician Alignment Strategy Web

The majority of health systems have likely engaged in workforce planning, alignment strategy development, or both in the last few years. But how many have conducted these two processes simultaneously?

The benefits of approaching workforce planning and physician alignment in conjunction are numerous and can result in strategies that accurately reflect the true needs of the health system.

Health systems’ investment in their physician workforce is a critical factor for not only meeting the care needs of their communities but also positioning the systems to defend their market share and grow network adequacy. As health systems design their physician network alignment strategy, workforce planning plays a key role in its development, providing both a system and market view of provider needs. Recent trends reflect the value of the physician workforce to health systems, with new players in the physician group space (e.g., private equity [PE] firms, health insurance plans) posing a threat to the status quo and placing further impetus on health systems’ need to align closely with physician groups through employment or tight affiliation (e.g., PSAs, JVs).

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This article was first published by Becker’s Hospital Review on August 28, 2020.