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RevXL Revenue Cycle Rapid Review

Rev Xl Revenue Cycle Rapid Review Web

Ongoing financial constraints are a fact of life for many organizations, and healthcare providers in particular. We often hear the phrase “no margin, no mission,” but how do you really drive margin improvement?

An assessment is typically the first step. But committing valuable dollars to a paid assessment is a gamble, as the return on investment is often unknown.

To better support our clients, ECG has developed RevXL, a free rapid-review tool that allows us to pressure-test your organization’s revenue cycle management (RCM) performance against industry benchmarks and our experience, and to quickly identify how your organization may be able to improve your RCM and avoid leaving any reimbursement dollars on the table. While dependent on an organization’s unique situation, a 2% to 4% improvement opportunity is common based on ECG experience.

The RevXL Process

Upon receipt of a completed survey, ECG’s RCM team will analyze the information and create a detailed report that highlights areas of opportunity and estimates the opportunity magnitude. The final report is sent to you within two days, along with an invitation to discuss the identified opportunities and next steps.

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