Event ACCC 39th National Oncology Conference

ACCC 39th National Oncology Conference

Join Matt Sturm, Stephanie Hobbs, and Meagan O’Neill at the upcoming ACCC 39th National Oncology Conference.

Over the past two years, the oncology community has transformed its strategies, operations, and services at a groundbreaking pace. What new challenges have come to light? How have we emerged stronger? Where have we enjoyed successes that can be replicated across programs and practices?

Walk away with practical solutions and key strategies that will help you and your colleagues reimagine the way you’ve always done things and create the positive change your clinicians, staff, and patients deserve. Experience three days of:

  • Innovative sessions that will empower and reshape your role in cancer care.
  • Novel ideas to support your most important resource—the oncology workforce.
  • Replicable solutions to implement in your practice or program today.

ECG will be a proud sponsor.

Speech: Navigating the Great Resignation: Rebuilding the Oncology Workforce and Creating Sustainability for the Future

Panel: The Enhancing Oncology Model: Are You Ready?