Speech Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics

Join leaders from ECG’s Oncology practice as they moderate a panel discussion on clinical informatics.

In cancer care, data drives everything—from quality and process improvements to justification for new services and staff to participation in payer-driven initiatives. Hear how one program implemented visual data analytics to improve patient access in its oncology clinics, including dashboard views and color-coded schedules that identify mismatches in capacity and demand. After that, learn how another program used technology to identify and manage immunotherapy-related adverse events in this growing population of patients.

ECG is proud to be an exhibitor at the ACCC 36th National Oncology Conference.

Discussion Panel

Mark Wojtowicz, MS, MBA, Administrative Director, Oncology Innovation and Research
Geisinger Cancer Institute

Randall Oyer, MD, Medical Director
Penn Medicine-Lancaster General Health