Webinar Aligning Incentives to Drive IT Vendor Performance

Aligning Incentives to Drive IT Vendor Performance

As healthcare IT vendors have evolved their business models to include a broader array of services to complement their software offerings, it has become even more crucial for provider organizations to enforce performance expectations. Healthcare organizations are increasingly more dependent on IT vendors meeting commitments from both a functional and service standpoint, and deviation of these commitments have real operational and financial implications. This session will focus on tactics and strategies for defining incentive structures and managing vendor performance, and will specifically address revenue cycle management and the vendor support, commitment, and governance required to both get your software implemented successfully and to enforce operational standards. Additionally, the discussion will highlight methods for developing a foundation to create a successful vendor relationship and keep all parties accountable for performance and expectations. The webinar will also include relevant case study examples to highlight the alignment methods deployed to drive vendor performance and to demonstrate the results organizations have achieved in leveraging specific tactics.