Webinar To Acquire or Not To Acquire that Physician Practice

To Acquire or Not To Acquire that Physician Practice

ECG Healthcare Transactions Webinar Series
Part II of III: The Model

With the accelerating pace of physician practice acquisitions, there is increasing competition for the critical resources (human and financial) necessary to complete these transactions; therefore, these resources must be carefully prioritized. This session will present a new strategic framework that can be applied to consistently assess the strategic and financial implications of any potential practice acquisition and to assign a priority ranking to the opportunity. Through the use of case studies, this session will illustrate a four-tier priority ranking model and provide a prescriptive approach to pursuing affiliation opportunities in each tier.

Following the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key factors that are causing physicians to seek employment by hospitals.
  • Evaluate potential physician affiliation opportunities based on their potential strategic and financial implications.
  • Know how to respond to various affiliation opportunities based on the assigned priority ranking.
  • Understand how other leading healthcare organizations are applying our framework to prioritize necessary resources involved in physician acquisitions.

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