Webinar Pursuing Regional Healthcare Alliances to Succeed in a Value-Based World

Pursuing Regional Healthcare Alliances to Succeed in a Value-Based World

As value becomes a larger focus for healthcare organizations, provider entities are forming strategic, value-based alliances as a means to remain independent while gaining the scale and efficiencies that typically arise from consolidation. With the changing reimbursement landscape and the constant pressure on providers to reduce costs, these alliances provide an avenue for organizations to:

  • Become clinically integrated and participate jointly in payer contracts.
  • Share and scale resources to reduce costs.

This presentation will examine the reasons for this trend and the factors that health systems should consider in determining whether to pursue a regional healthcare alliance. Michael Hein, M.D., is the CEO of the Enhance Health Network, a network of nine independent health systems and more than 50 affiliate members throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. Dr. Hein will describe the development and successful implementation of Enhance, including the rationale for formation, key challenges and successes, and lessons learned.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the factors leading to the rise in regional healthcare alliances.
  • Determine the optimal organizational and environmental factors that lead to success under a regional strategy.
  • Understand the challenges associated with regional healthcare alliances.