Webinar The Nuts and Bolts of Becoming a Teaching Hospital

The Nuts and Bolts of Becoming a Teaching Hospital

Community hospitals are increasingly becoming involved in academic activities, ranging from serving as rotation sites for larger AMCs to establishing their own stand-alone residency programs. As hospital leaders contemplate the possibility of GME participation at their institutions, many questions may arise. In this webinar, ECG’s team of experts will provide an overview of the new program development process. We will describe the major considerations and implications of becoming a teaching hospital, which often includes a significant cultural transformation. We will describe key components of the feasibility and evaluation process, including goals of participation, medical staff readiness, operational and financial implications, and accreditation-related topics. The session will also review a typical planning and program development timeline, including externally imposed deadlines and suggested internal milestones to measure progress.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Understanding the major considerations and implications of developing teaching programs
  2. Reviewing key steps to developing a planning scenario and evaluating its feasibility
  3. Clarifying the critical activities and milestones necessary to complete detailed program planning
  4. Describing challenges and limitations