Webinar Health System Scale Is Irrelevant without Performance

Health System Scale Is Irrelevant without Performance

We believe health systems must scale to achieve a level of market indispensability characterized by an integrated provider network able to invest in data analytics, bear risk, and offer patient-friendly physical and virtual care settings. But scale doesn’t guarantee relevance. Bigger doesn’t always result in better. Only those health systems that grow while advancing performance by strategically pursuing vertical integration into asset-light delivery mechanisms, exploring new business/product expansion opportunities into nontraditional healthcare services, and ensuring a deliberate and structured approach to scale will be positioned for clinical, strategic, financial, and operational success.

Part of ECG’s series of strategic perspectives on the changing dynamics of the US healthcare system, this webinar explores the relationship between size and performance, benefits of horizontal and vertical integration, and opportunities for health systems to reposition themselves for future success.

During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • The Rule of Three and how it can inform health system strategy.
  • Opportunities to broaden a health system’s perspective of its potential service offerings to allow for management of an even greater portion of a community’s health and well-being.
  • Benefits from transitioning a health system to a more asset-light investment philosophy and options to do so.
  • Guiding principles to support enhanced system performance.

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