Teaching Hospitals & Academic Health Systems

Teaching hospitals and academic health systems play a critical role in defining the future of healthcare.

Teaching Hospitals & Academic Health Systems

Teaching hospitals and academic health systems play a critical role in defining the future of healthcare. They are training grounds for new generations of medical professionals, centers of innovation and discovery, and they provide the most specialized clinical care to those with rare or hard to treat illnesses. The populations they serve are among the most diverse and includes a huge portion of the uninsured.

The challenges faced in fulfilling this role are as complicated and monumental as the role itself. Working with an experienced partner can help academic organization tackle the complex challenges they face.

Our Services Include:
Academic / Community Physician Alignment

ECG helps organizations define their strategy for physician alignment in the academic setting. Through careful consideration of the appropriate structures, reporting relationships, and financial arrangements academic and community physicians are empowered to effectively collaborate, enhance care for the community, expands the geographic reach of the health system.

We have advised all types of transactions/partnerships, including:

  • Physician network development.
  • Strategic affiliations.
  • Hybrid physician groups.

AMCs have always relied on a series of inter- and intra-entity financial arrangements to distribute resources across the enterprise. At many institutions, these funds flows are outdated, administratively burdensome, and so complex that their effectiveness has become questionable. We work closely with AMC executives and their boards to help redesign organizational and financial structures between and among colleges of medicine, teaching hospitals, and affiliated physician organizations. This involves designing and implementing modern arrangements to efficiently and rationally distribute resources, including:

  • Clinical funds flow.
  • Education funds flow.
  • Research funding and models.
  • Mission support arrangements.

Our proven track record helping organizations improve GME financial and operational performance is unmatched. We have a deep understanding of Medicare GME reimbursement, ACGME accreditation requirements, GME affiliations, and the variety of organizational and oversight models. We work regularly with university- and community-based training programs and have helped numerous health systems to establish GME programs for the first time.

Mounting market pressures and an increasingly competitive environment are driving many academic health systems to pursue partnerships and affiliations to create scale, drive growth, and enter new markets efficiently. ECG has guided academic and nonacademic institutions through every step of the process, ensuring agreements that support each party’s mission and drive value and mutual benefit for the organizations involved. Learn more.

In response to recent market dynamics, AMCs around the county are finding themselves under immense pressure to reorganize, expand their clinical footprint, and modernize their existing affiliations and/or partnerships. Choosing the right adviser and structuring affiliations that are in the best interests of all parties involved is a complicated and often politically sensitive endeavor.

We help clients execute strategic partnerships that account for market dynamics, aligning the strategic and financial interests of all parties to build lasting partnerships.

Our services include:

  • Multiparty academic affiliation agreements.
  • Academic / community clinical affiliations.
  • Physician alignment strategies.
  • Key service line/programmatic partnerships.
  • Joint operating agreements/master service agreements.

    Close alignment of an AMC’s clinical assets is critical to the organization’s ability to be competitive in today’s healthcare market. Academic organizations must define and execute on strategies to drive physician alignment, either through structural or functional integration.

    ECG’s dedicated academic practice has the expertise needed to develop nuanced integrations plans that are truly effective. Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped clients with a range of projects, including full “mergers” of the primary teaching hospital and large faculty group practice, developing joint venture practice plans, and designing and executing contracts to align financial incentives of physicians and hospitals.

    Teaching Hospitals & Academic Health Systems

    ECG Experts

    Teaching Hospitals & Academic Health Systems

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