Performance Transformation

Developing and implementing transformative processes for effective operations and care delivery.

Performance Transformation

The need for organizational transformation has never been more pressing. A shifting care paradigm, declining reimbursement, changing patient expectations, and advances in technology all present challenges and opportunities to healthcare providers. In this rapidly changing environment, action-oriented leaders will have the best chance of ensuring the health of their organization and patients.

ECG has a long history of working with healthcare leaders to develop a strategic vision and roadmap for the future and partnering with our clients to make that vision a reality.

Our Services Include:
Acute Care Performance Improvement

Targeting key performance drivers to ignite and sustain improved performance.

From patient access, capacity management, cost containment, and quality improvement to payer contracting and revenue cycle optimization, healthcare leaders must implement solutions that are measurable and sustainable. We partner with hospital and health system leaders to identify the best strategies and tactics for their unique situation and deliver exceptional results.

Positioning providers for future growth with the right infrastructure, operations, and consumer solutions.

Ambulatory care networks face an immense challenge in keeping up with the demands of today's healthcare environment. Attempting to do more with less while maintaining strong operational and financial performance is a challenge that ECG understands. Our multidisciplinary teams can help you deliver the right care at the right time by the right team.

Helping providers meet the needs and expectations of patients.

Access to healthcare is the bedrock of a healthy population. ECG works closely with organizations to design and implement patient access strategies. By focusing on care model innovation, operational improvement in care delivery, technology enablers, and virtual platforms, our team helps you meet the needs of our patient population and the goals of your organization.

Successful execution of a digital health strategy integrates technologies to enable and support—not replace—traditional healthcare settings by directing patients to the right types of care at the right time. Whether the appropriate care setting is a hospital, ambulatory center, or the patient’s home, a cohesive digital health platform will drive better, more personalized care to more patients. Our team helps healthcare organizations deliver flexible, convenient, and high-quality care in a scalable and cost-effective manner that engages and empowers their consumers.

ECG’s digital health services include:

  • Strategy and program planning.
  • System selection and negotiation.
  • Operational redesign.
  • Implementation assistance.
  • Systems integration
  • Commercialization of start-up digital and consumer health solutions.

Harnessing technology and systems to transform operational performance, increase patient access, and improve provider satisfaction.

Changing expectations have made digital health an essential component of any organization’s performance improvement plan. Digital health opportunities exist across the entire enterprise and with partners throughout the continuum, and providers that adopt proactive approaches can differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

The way care is delivered has changed dramatically over the last decade and presents challenges and opportunities for independent providers and medical groups. ECG has spent nearly 50 years helping healthcare providers improve their performance, increase volume, reduce costs, and successfully navigate an ever-changing industry.

Building high-functioning revenue cycle operations to maximize payments and ensuring financial health.

Optimizing your revenue cycle means looking beyond the billing office to examine your entire enterprise. ECG brings deep expertise in all functional areas to every client engagement. We work closely with organization leaders to design strategies and solutions that improve performance while also preserving your organization's mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

Performance Transformation

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Performance Transformation

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Revenue Cycle Improvements Driven by Operational Efficiencies: Memorial Health System

Memorial Health Systems (MHS) is one of the largest employed medical practices in Ohio and West Virginia. MHS contacted ECG to optimize its revenue cycle.


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