Facility Planning

Facility planning design and development for successful patient-centered care.

Facility Planning

The future oncology environment will place different demands on cancer facility planning and programing. Initiating development of a new cancer center or facility expansion presents an exciting opportunity to create a more flexible, efficient, and healing environment. From the initial visioning for your clinical facility project, to cancer space planning based on market and service volume projections, to identifying key efficiencies in operational utilization, ECG’s oncology consultants work with you and your organization through all phases of cancer facility development and programing to achieve the stated goals and vision of your leadership, staff, and providers.

Our Services Include:
Functional and Space Programming

Define operational requirements by department and quantify room-level space requirements for all clinical, administrative, support, and public areas.

Utilize industry best practices, as well as patient/provider/community preferences, to create best-in-class oncology environments

Develop detailed facility scenarios (including block planning and stacking diagrams) and rough order-of-magnitude (ROM) cost estimates

Collaborate with client and design teams to manage the recommended facility development program through the design process

Provide strategic guidance and tactical support to open new facilities while ensuring safe, effective patient care

Facility Planning

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Facility Planning

Thought Leadership


After the Outbreak: Preparing for the Return of Cancer Cases

What cancer program leaders should do to guide their centers through a successful recovery and ensure the safety of patients and staff while providing essential care to cancer patients.


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