Performance Transformation

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Performance Transformation

Achieving excellence in oncology care requires a focused effort and a determination to improve. As approaches to treating cancer continue to evolve, transforming operational practices can maximize the value you bring to your patients. ECG’s dedicated oncology consultants have the experience and drive needed to uncover new opportunities and implement the strategies necessary to realize the full potential of your cancer program.

Our experts in operations, patient access, digital health, revenue cycle, and financial optimization will work seamlessly with you to assess and prioritize the initiatives that will take your program to the next level of performance.

Our Services Include:
Operations Improvement

The value-based proposition in cancer care delivery requires efficiency in operations driven by patient-centered care.

ECG provides best practices in cancer program and cancer center organization, workflow, and operations. Working with our clients, we identify opportunities for change and operational solutions supporting your patient-centered care delivery.

Our detailed recommendations are supported by more than 30 years of experience in cancer center operations, correlating with contemporary oncology benchmarking. ECG’s team of experts specialize in identifying improvement opportunities and designing comprehensive plans and pilot programs to drive performance improvement throughout your organization. We understand physicians and patient care delivery better than any other firm, and we apply our insights to create plans that achieve a precise balance between quick wins and longer-term initiatives.

ECG oncology operations improvement services include:

  • Identifying the path toward enhanced operational efficiencies and performance.
  • Conducting department-level operational assessments: infusion scheduling and operations, radiation oncology operations, OR operations, clinic scheduling and operations, and ancillary service assessments (anesthesia, hospitalists, etc.).
  • Assessing staffing models.
  • Assessing organizational/clinical operational metrics.
  • Recognizing cultural and relationship dynamics impacting operations.
  • Reviewing organizational structure and reporting relationships.
  • Aligning roles in the organization and/or clinical setting.

As value-based care continues to transform cancer programs, organizations that approach business as usual can expect to lose their usual business. The changing cancer care environment presents hospitals and provider groups with new challenges and considerable uncertainty, as well as a number of opportunities. In turn, it has probably never been more important for cancer program leaders to develop a clear vision and direction for their organizations.

ECG’s business and financial advisory services help move cancer programs from vision to action. We not only help you articulate your vision for the future, we put it through rigorous analysis, modeling, and testing to ensure it’s the right plan for your cancer program.

ECG oncology financial optimization services include:

  • Funds flow analysis.
  • Financial modeling and impact analysis.
  • Return on investment determination.

Access to oncology care is critical to diagnosing and beginning treatment early. Yet actually providing readily accessible care to oncology patients is a goal that continues to elude cancer programs. Adequately addressing the needs of oncology patients requires cancer programs to proactively reexamine their care delivery strategies and embrace new approaches for expanding access.

As patients’ demand for seamless access to care grows, we work closely with oncology programs to design and implement innovative patient access strategies. By focusing on care model innovation, operational improvement in care delivery, technology enablers, and virtual platforms, our team helps create and enact strategies that allow provider groups to:

  • Retain cancer patients within the network.
  • Expand market reach.
  • Increase cancer patient engagement and clinical adherence.
  • Lower the total cost of care.
  • Improve clinical and operational performance.

Cancer patients’ health needs and expectations are evolving—and so too must organizations' approaches to delivering care. Our expertise and experience enable us to help you meet the needs of the population and the goals of your organization.

ECG oncology patient access services include:

  • Patient access function assessments.
  • Staffing level and role assessments.
  • Centralized vs. decentralized access function design.
  • Digital and telehealth strategies.
  • Scheduling optimization.
  • Patient intake design and implementation.

If your oncology program is like most across the United States, stagnant or reduced reimbursement is mangling your margins. When revenue streams are constrained, so is your ability to execute critical functions and strategic initiatives. As a result, it has become ever more important for cancer programs to keep their revenue cycle running smoothly by collecting fees due, and in a cost-effective way.

Optimizing your revenue cycle means looking beyond the billing office. It requires looking across your entire oncology program. After all, financial performance is not strictly a financial issue. It is a strategic, operational, and technological issue as well—and ECG brings deep expertise in each of these areas to every client engagement. Our technical skills allow us to dig into the weeds of your revenue cycle while our strategic approach ensures we’re keeping our eyes on the forest.

By exercising a comprehensive approach to optimization and working closely with your people, processes, and technology, we develop a complete picture of your cancer program’s financial performance. More importantly, we’re able to design strategies and solutions that improve this performance while also preserving your program’s mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

Our oncology revenue cycle services include:

  • Revenue cycle assessment.
  • Future-state design and process optimization.
  • Performance improvement planning and support.
  • Management services organization development.
  • Provider-based billing transition support.
  • Insourcing/outsourcing transition planning and vendor contract negotiation/renegotiation.

The on-demand generation is becoming more informed about their care and less willing to wait for it. A digital health strategic plan can offer a path to improved access.

Today’s consumers are growing accustomed to an on-demand lifestyle. With a few clicks on their smartphones, they can read online reviews of a restaurant, reserve a table, order a car to drive them there, and pay for their meal. Their expectations about healthcare are no different. Many patients are becoming more proactive about their care as health reform spurs them to obtain health insurance, and they expect to receive care when they need it—even if it comes through nontraditional channels.

Healthcare organizations that are responsive to these evolving dynamics can differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. Digital health opportunities—including telehealth, patient portal engagement, and the use of web capabilities to enhance brand awareness—exist across the entire enterprise and with partners throughout the continuum.

ECG works with organizations to bring these initiatives from innovation to reality. We’ll help you execute on a digital strategy that makes sense for your organization and implement the tools you need to thrive in a fast-changing environment.

Our oncology digital health services include:

  • Telehealth strategy and implementation.
  • Consumer engagement.
Performance Transformation

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Performance Transformation

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